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Sant'Agata Ruche di Castagnole 2010

Sant'Agata Ruche di Castagnole 750ml 2010   
Sku: 8669

Tasting notes
Characterized by a great harmony and balance. It shows an intriguing, refined aromatic note. Austere and warm at the same time, itís an excellent wine for the end of the meal. The bouquet opens up to violet, hay and vanilla sensations. Warm-bodied to the palate, it is characterized by a long aromatic persistence. It can be consumed young or aged.

Wine maker notes
The Ruche is a secular vine. We donít know its origin, but we think it was imported from France at the beginning of last century. There are many tales regarding the origin of its name. One in particular seems the most reliable: the legend tells that in a farmhouse called “RoccaĒ (rock), some friars produced this sweet wine to donate to the inhabitants of the local castel (Castel del Poggio). This is the origin of the name “RucheĒ. Since it is more delicate than the vines Barbera and Grignolino, the pruning is made in spring. It buds later than other vines and its foliage is of a more vivid green. The vine branches are thicker. It produces a long and thin bunch, with round grapes, full of seeds. The grape is always extremely sweet and ripens too early. We vinify it in the traditional way. Itís an austere wine, ideal with roasted meat and game. Its bouquet opens up to violet, hay and vanilla sensations, typical of great red wines. Warm-bodied to the palate, the Ruche is characterized by a perfect balance, a great delicacy and a long aromatic persistence. It is recommended to serve it at room temperature to enhance its characteristics. It can be consumed young or aged.

Food pairing
Itís a spicy wine which perfectly matches with an aromatic and spicy dishes. Excellent with game: deer, wild boar and hare or with barnyard animals cooked in the same wine. Due to its complex structure, it is also normally consumed between meals together with a small pastry dessert without cream.

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