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Trimbach Pear Liqueur

Trimbach Pear Liqueur 750ML   
Sku: 8480

The Trimbachs have a purist vision. Across 12 generations, the family has always produced wines that are structured, long-lived, fruity, elegant and balanced: the celebrated Trimbach style.

Tasting notes
Color - Extremely pure and clear Bouquet - Lush ripe pears with hints of cinnamon and cardamom Taste - Crisp and clean, pure fruit pear flavors with a long finish

Wine maker notes
After crushing the fruit, fermentation begins at temperature control between 22 and 25 followed by distillation in copper alambics at a minimum temperature of 60. The aroma and the taste of the original fruit is extracted and conserved during the distillation process using steam heated stills. Distillation is a single continuous process with the elimination of the initial “head” and final “tail” distillate in order to keep only the best of the distillation called the “heart.”Poire William then undergoes aging in stainless steel for a minimum of 16 months.

Technical notes
100% Poire William Pear 35% abv

Country: France
Type: Cordials
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