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Opal Nera(Black) Sambuca

Opal Nera(Black) Sambuca 750ml   
Sku: 2096

Since 1875, the Francoli family has been passionate about creating one-of-a-kind, artisanal products. It would come as no surprise that generations later, the current president of Distillerie Francoli, Alesandro Francoli, would conceive of one of the most innovative liqueurs to ever reach the U.S. market, on his honeymoon no less! Born from passion, Opal Nera, the original premium Black Sambuca imported from Italy, is truly one of the world’s greatest liqueurs. Opal Nera starts by distilling sugar beets with pure alpine water from the private family wells in Ghemme, Italy to create an exceptionally clean neutral spirit. Next, each fresh, all natural ingredient is painstakingly distilled one at a time with the neutral spirit to slowly build the harmonious, complex flavor that makes Opal Nera the worldwide award winning spirit that it is. The ingredients include Italian Green Anise (round, rich and herbal), Star Anise from China (distinctive, strong and clean), Sicilian Lemon Peels (offering a touch of citrus), Italian Coriander (to add spice) and Northern Italian Elderflowers, (for a springtime bouquet and subtle floral flavor). Lastly, the skins of the Elderberry plant’s Black Berries are delicately macerated with the finished liquid to give Opal Nera its mysterious, dark violet-black color. You could say the Elderflower and Elderberry plants that grow wildly in Northern Italy are Opal Nera’s dark secret! The end result is a uniquely smooth anise liqueur with a subtle touch of citrus, floral undertones and a lightly sweet, velvety finish. At 80 proof, you can sip Opal Nera straight, enjoy it on the rocks or Opal Nera can be enjoyed in a host of innovative cocktail recipes. One thing to note, when Opal Nera was launched globally, the brand revolutionized the Sambuca category by becoming a popular shooter served in trendy bars and nightclubs. The “edgy” black color of the liquid lends itself for fun and innovative events target ing the younger on-premise demographic. But Opal Nera will appeal to a broad range of consumers and should be proudly displayed on the back bars from fine dining restaurants to trendy nightclubs to speak easy cocktail clubs.

Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Sub-Region: Ghemme
Type: Cordials
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