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Courvoisier Cognac X.O.

Courvoisier Cognac X.O. 750ml       
Sku: 1629

Consistently recognised as one of the finest XOs in the world, Courvoisier XO is a very old blend of fine and well-matured cognacs, offering rich exotic aromas. The perfect balance of intense flavours have been patiently evolved and nurtured for at least two decades.

Tasting notes
Perfect harmony and balance of aromas Aroma is everything for cognac. The character of each individual note is shaped by its terroir, grape, cask and years of maturation. This is why Courvoisier takes great care to nurture every possible aroma at every possible stage of the cognac-making process. In recognition of this quality Courvoisier is consistently awarded in numerous spirits competition (IWSC and San Francisco spirits competition). Iris flower The iris flower flavour, coming from our selection of the best cognacs, is amplified through maturation in our humid warehouses situated next to the Charente River and under the warm Cognac sun. Creme brulee When a cask is toasted, it gives off an aroma of fresh bread as the flames caramelise the natural sugars in the oak. This gives younger cognacs obvious notes of vanilla and caramel, but gradually, over decades, these intense flavours soften to give us a delicate creme brulee flavour. Candied orange Through the natural interaction of long maturation in our fine-grained oak casks, the cognacs give delicate sweet notes of candied orange.

 Ultimate Beverage Challenge 94 points (Apr 2016)
Deep, warm, and nutty aromas fill the nose with luxurious hints of blackberry jam and burnt orange peel. The palate is equally rich with hefty notes of rancio, dried fruit, and dried flowers. A multifaceted, elegant experience.
 Wine Enthusiast 90 points (Dec 2015)
This Cognac is best with a little time in the glass to coax out maximum aromas. Look for deep, rich creme brulee and toffee sassed up with herbal hints of sarsaparilla and horehound, plus dried fig, date and allspice on the drying fade. Packaged in signature teardrop-shaped bottle.

NEAT: The rich and exotic aromas in Courvoisier XO have taken decades to perfect, so itís worth taking your time over such a remarkable cognac. Conventional wisdom says that cognac should be warmed, but we recommend simply serving at room temperature before serving. Donít swirl for the first nosing; otherwise the cognac releases alcoholic aromas that overpower its more delicate scents. Thereafter, however, you might like to swirl between subsequent nosings to help release further aromas. But do it very gently for only a few moments.

Food pairing
FOOD PAIRINGS: The full potential of Courvoisier XO can be realised by complementing it with the right food. Ideal after dinner, its depth and harmony come into their own when accompanied with rich desserts, like creme brulee and cafe gourmand.

Country: France
Region: Cognac
Type: Cognac-Imported
Reg. $139.99
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