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Caprinatura Limoncello

Caprinatura Limoncello 750ML   
Sku: 10274

Intensive preparatory work of the best lemons of our land was born on liquor ”lemon” of CAPRINATURA. Our ”Limoncello”, carried out using the method typical of the bell, according to an old family recipe, originates from the ’infusion, in pure alcohol, lemon zest of fresh Costiera.La working, respectful of the characteristics of the fruit, enhancing the harmony of the perfume and its intense flavor. The production method is traditional: lemons, immediately after the harvest are selected and hand peeled, to obtain a thin skin, lacking the bitter white part that would make the liqueur. The skins are then placed in infusion of pure alcohol for several days. Subsequently the infusion solution is added water and sugar. The resulting liquor, yellow-green, dense and mellow flavor with a fresh, aromatic flavor. Serve chilled at any time of day but is especially recommended after meals for its digestive properties. No coloring or preservatives. Sediment that may be attributed to the genuineness of the product.

Technical notes
Alcohol content: 32% vol.

Country: Italy
Region: Campania
Type: Cordials
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