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”People can’t be bothered by all the hype and nonsense of wine. They just want to drink it.” ~John Casella. It all started in 1820, when the first Casellas planted some vines in the Italian countryside. Two things sprouted shortly thereafter: a cluster of grapes, and a family passion that would last 188 years and counting. Fast forward to 1957. Filippo and Maria Casella were keeping the business alive in Italy, when they decided to pack up and move to Australia. However far away, they couldn’t escape their wine roots. Filippo began selling grapes to local wineries. Then in 1969, he decided it was time for a new generation of Casellas to put their winemaking skills to use. Following the blueprint of other Australian winemakers, Casella sourced his fruit from other growing areas throughout South Eastern Australia, creating wines with incredible freshness and character year after year. Still, almost a third of the grapes used for [yellow tail] are grown right in the Casella family’s vineyards, nearly 540 acres in the Riverina region of Australia. In 1994, the Casellas built a new and improved winery, blending old world heritage with new world technology. From humble beginnings, this family has come a long way. Today the company is run by Filippo’s three sons—John, Joe and Marcello—while Filippo’s grandchildren have become the sixth generation to join the family business. In 2000, John Casella joined forces with another family-run company, W.J. Deutsch & Sons, to bring the goodness of [yellow tail] to the United States. Year after year, the Casella family continues to create quality wine that’s fun, flavorful, and bursting with a personality all of its own.
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Yellow Tail Cabernet/Shiraz  750ML      
This classic Australian blend of Shiraz and ... more
Sku: 6634
Reg. $7.99
Yellow Tail Chardonnay  750ml      
This wine shows ripe characters of peach and ... more
Sku: 6098
Reg. $7.99
Yellow Tail Chardonnay  1.5 L      
This wine shows ripe characters of peach and ... more
Sku: 6099
Reg. $12.99
Yellow Tail Merlot  750ML      
Silky smooth and easy on the palate. This wine is  more
Sku: 10286
Reg. $7.99
Yellow Tail Merlot  1.5 L      
Silky smooth and easy on the palate. This wine is  more
Sku: 6210
Reg. $12.99
Yellow Tail Riesling  1.5 L      
Zesty lemon and hints of orange ... more
Sku: 13689
Reg. $12.99
Yellow Tail Sauv Blanc  1.5 L      
Vibrant citrus and passionfruit aromas with a ... more
Sku: 13642
Reg. $12.99
Yellow Tail Shiraz  1.5 L      
A rich colour and deep hue introduces your nose ... more
Sku: 6100
Reg. $12.99
Yellow Tail Shiraz  750ml      
A rich colour and deep hue introduces your nose ... more
Sku: 6101
Reg. $7.99
Yellow Tail Shiraz Reserve  750ml      
Vibrant, ripe and gorgeous - a drop that is big ... more
Sku: 12420
Reg. $9.99
Yellow Tail Sparkling Rose Wine  750ml        
Strawberry, cherry and tropical fruit flavors ... more
Sku: 12394
Reg. $8.99