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Since 1964, the Toffoli family has been producing the finest wines of their region at the northern end of the Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene appellation. It began when Gabriele Toffoli's father Vincenzo, who was a gifted grafter of vines in the 1950's, bought five hectares of land which he planted to vines. Today, most of the operations around the winery fall into Gabriele's hands, but his two brothers, Sante (the former mayor) and Luciano, also help in the vineyard. An additional five hectares are now leased from a neighbor due to demand for their Prosecco. Prosecco can be fermo (still), frizzante (slightly effervescent), or spumante (which only means sparkling in Italian, and has nothing to do with sweet). Prosecco undergoes the Charmat process, which is preferred because it is faster than Methode Champenoise, enabling the wine to get to the market with all its wonderful freshness. Prosecco is wonderful aperitif.
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Toffoli Prosecco  750ML        
Since 1964, the Toffoli family has been producing  click for more details
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