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KRIS wine is handcrafted in Alto Adige using grapes sourced from Italy’s most esteemed growing regions. The winery is located in the hillside town of Montagna, where culture is a unique reflection of Germanic heritage and Italian nationality. An ideal combination of and traditional winemaking artistry and modern technology is used to blend each of the KRIS wines. The timeless and inspiring KRIS labels emphasize the role of the sun in ripening the grapes to perfection, the human hand in crafting the wine, and the lips that savor the wine. Riccardo Schweizer, a native of Alto Adige, studied cubism in Paris under Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro. The original paintings were given by Schweizer to his friend, the KRIS winery’s founder for his birthday.
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Kris Merlot  750ML      
The blend attains its silky smooth character from  click for more details
Sku: 12045
Reg. $12.99
Kris Pinot Grigio  750ML      
The KRIS winemakers take full advantage of the ... click for more details
Sku: 12047
Reg. $12.99
Kris Pinot Nero  750ML      
Carefully selected from hillside vineyards ... click for more details
Sku: 12046
Reg. $12.99