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Carlo Biasiotto, and his family, has taken Foss Marai to the prominent position of leader company, as well as a national and international testimonial of Italian Sparkling wines. Foss Marai is always inclined to improve all its products, and is never contented of their successes, therefore evolving constantly and producing still and sparkling wines that satisfy modern tastes, without having to follow the prevailing trends. On rows of steep hills, covered with Prosecco vineyards, lies the little town of Guia. Here the valleys are called fossi (gullies). Marai is the name of the deepest gully of Guia. The first wine activity was started in the early years of the previous century, by the grandfather of the current owner, Luigi, sending him far from home selling barrels of his own Sparkling wine. Nearly a century later Carlo Biasiotto, and his family, has brought Foss Marai to the prestigious position of leader company in the market, well known for the excellent quality of their Sparkling wine and the elegance of their bottles. To open a Foss Marai bottle means unveiling our secret. We simply try to put the grape in the bottle, with all its tastes and scents. Without taking or adding. To look for refined, elegant bouquets and finding the floral Acacia scents. To ask for a fresh aperitif and being surprised by the balanced taste of sweetness and acidity. Be amazed from the high quality of Foss Marai. Experience and treasure.
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Foss Marai Prosecco Brut  750ml        
With its Prosecco Brut, Foss Marai offers a ... click for more details
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