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The Duca di Salaparuta group comprises three historic brands which represent Sicily and Italy worldwide: Corvo and Duca di Salaparuta, dating back to 1824, and Florio, which dates from 1833. Acquired by Illva Saronno Holding and brought together in a single group, the two historic companies now constitute the leading privately-owned wine producing group in Sicily and their estates and cellars provide a key chapter in the history of Sicily. The three brands, each bear witness to specific areas and specializations, provide a complete range of wines for every taste and occasion. Corvo Is a legend in its own right, an historic brand, whose strength is the ability to express new ideas; its wines, in their personality and seduction, are characterized by excellent value for money and provide quality everyday consumption. Duca di Salaparuta Is able to offer an ever-seductive expression of the passion of Sicily. Each wine is a unique expression of a specific local context and of wine-making traditions down through the years, where an authentic lifestyle stands out immediately. Florio Is an innovator by tradition, revealing an unexpected world, a modern artisan with an intense, unusual and precious soul. Wines of the highest quality to be enjoyed on any occasion. Fortified, passito and sparkling wines to be rediscovered as an aperitif, dessert or meditation wine. A company that has acquired unique experience over the last two centuries thanks to its respect for tradition, attention to detail and innovative vision.
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Corvo Nero d'Avola  1.5 L      
  Sku: 13781
Reg. $14.99
Corvo Red & White Gift Box  750ml      
  Sku: 12478
Reg. $18.99
Duca di Salaparuta Colomba Platino  750ml      
Colomba Platino is one of the great, classic, ... click for more details
Sku: 13272
Reg. $13.99
Duca di Salaparuta Duca Enrico  750ml      
he first single varietal wine to be produced from  click for more details
Sku: 10884
Reg. $49.99
Florio Dry Marsala  750ml      
Florio Marsala Secco is amber in color with a ... click for more details
Sku: 3960
Reg. $13.99
Florio Sweet Marsala  750ml      
Deep within the heart of Sicily's sunbelt lies ... click for more details
Sku: 1563
Reg. $13.99