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Buty and BEAST wines are unified by the people who produce them. They both possess an extraordinary texture, structured backbone, focus on lovely fruit, and a balance of approachability and ability to age. Buty is the first Northwest winery to create focused blends of cabernet sauvignon and syrah. Our Rediviva blends marry cabernet sauvignon’s intensity and syrah’s complexity. Rediviva of the Stones favors syrah and is grown in the cobblestones of the ancestral Walla Walla riverbed in the southern part of the Walla Walla Valley. Our Rockgarden Estate will become the exclusive source of Rediviva of the Stones, and will be certified organic. Columbia Rediviva, our cabernet sauvignon centric wine, is grown at Phinny Hill Vineyard. Phinny Hill Vineyard is also transitioning to organic status. This fantastic site provides vistas down on to the famous Champoux Vineyard and across the Horse Heaven Hills. The two Rediviva wines are named for the sloop Captain Robert Gray piloted up the Columbia River in 1792. He hoped the river would prove to be the Northwest Passage, and so bestowed on it the name of his ship, Columbia Rediviva. Prior to this voyage, she was the first American ship to circumnavigate the globe. As the river that connects all of the vineyards we work with at Buty, the Columbia is a lifeline we honor as the namesake of our Columbia Rediviva wine. Our Buty wine label echoes the landscape that grows our vines. On this website you’ll also see a myriad of basalt rock formations from our regional landscape. Highlighting our sense of place is a foundation of all of our designs at Buty. BEAST is our irresistible alter-ego. With BEAST there are no rules. We create what we feel compelled to make each year. With BEAST we present new varietals, new vineyards, or showcase an intriguing wine outside of the Buty portfolio. Sometimes a wily BEAST will tantalize you only once, and sometimes it may appear again unexpectedly. Keep a watchful eye out for our annual Halloween release. Some years an unruly BEAST refuses to stay in hibernation past April Fool’s. Be aware. By becoming a Friend of the BEAST, you make the first acquaintance of these exclusive creations available only from our cellar door.
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Caballo Blanco Sweet Wine  750ml      
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